Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Gift...

I received this pot for Christmas in 1999. It might seem strange that I remember that. I cried when I opened it. Not tears of joy. To the Husband's chagrin, I did not appreciate this 3 1/2 quart Calphalon pot. (He has quite an appreciation of fine cooking implements.)

I am not proud of my ungrateful spirit. In my defense I was FIVE days overdue with *C* and just a little emotional..and he gave me a pan for Christmas. Waaah.

It probably isn't easy to see from the picture, but I use this pan a lot. I love it. I might not have known I wanted it, but it has been a great addition to the kitchen.
AND this morning, I looked at the bottom of this pan to see what size it was and discovered it was the right size to bake the artisan bread I saw on yesterday. YAHOOO!!! We love artisan bread but I've never been able to successfully make it at home. I'm hopeful this will be a winner. :) My plan is to start the process today and bake it tomorrow.

I didn't know I wanted this pan, but it has been wonderful in our kitchen and will now allow me to try a new recipe. There are lots of gifts (tangible and intangible) that I didn't know I wanted (or didn't think I wanted) that have been huge blessings. There have also been things I've ached for, wished and hoped for 'more than anything', that I haven't received..and I am fairly certain that was for the best too. In keeping with my country music the Garth Brooks song goes..."Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers."

As a funny afterward to the pan for Christmas...6 days later on New Years Eve morning the Husband and the midwife had a wonderful conversation about cooking gadgets and pots and pans and knives...and I was thinking.."Hello! I'm having a baby here! Stop talking about the darned pans and pay attention to ME!"



  1. Cute story! I remember receiving a set of glass bowls last Christmas and thinking, what on earth? But I love those bowls now. I use them all the time! Enjoy your day!

  2. My dad gave me a "talking to" about giving my wife a pot for Christmas, and although it's not the most romantic gift- I still think it's a great pot. As a side note, we also gave each other a Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer that Christmas, as well.

  3. A darling story. I have been looking for artisian bread recipes that are gluten free. Wish me luck! What a cute blog. Lovely family and stories!