Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Hot Water...

I know that back in the day, people sometimes used a big pot of water on the stove for washing clothes...or at least I seem to recall seeing it in books or movies...maybe it was a cartoon. ;) I'm not sure how *I* knew about it though....

Anyway...I was feeling pretty Betty Crocker yesterday. There was bread rising and a pot of water was on the stove so I could make stuffed shells. (That way I could just pop the pan in the oven when we got back from *C*'s baseball practice and we'd be eating in a half hour, right?)

The water was alomost boiling....when I heard the stampede of little feet coming into the kitchen. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something fly through the air..and splash into the pot of water ...went *I*'s pants! I have no idea why he threw his pants onto the stove. (Why do not-quite-3 yos do anything they do?) Thank goodness the pants didn't land in the flame! I grabbed the pants... "NO! Do not throw anything on the stove!" He burst into tears. He is not accustomed to being yelled at, but this was a biggie!

The water got dumped. The pot got washed. The dinner eventually got made. Noone got hurt. It was all good.



  1. Oh dear! LOL! Well at like you said, at least they didn't land in the fire! Sometimes yelling is ok, especially if they aren't used to it. He will remember that throwing stuff on the stove is a big time no no! ;)

  2. Great to meet another MOPS gal! Oh, so glad you recorded this one. You can't make this stuff up, LOL!

  3. he really keeps you on your toes!