Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Enough is...Enough??

How do you know when enough is enough? It depends what we're talking about, right?

I'm all about the phrase, "Live simply so others can simply live" which addresses over consumption and healthier/greener choices to protect our planet and all its inhabitants- rich or poor. The choices we make in our daily life impact not just us, but our family, our community and our world. (So when I choose to buy white sugar...I'm making a choice I know I shouldn't. I'm struggling with this particular issue right now.)

But sometimes enough isn't about over consumption. There are certain things that you can never get enough of. (No, I'm not talking coffee. ;) ) Some would say we can never have enough flowers...I'm not sure because achooo I am sneezing an awful lot right now.

I think most of the things we can't have enough of aren't necessarily tangible. Instead they're things like love, wisdom...education.

Education is expensive. Just ask anyone poring over a school budget right now. But, education is priceless. I don't believe we can say, in good conscience, just give them the minimum and let them make do. It's not about pushing kids or pressuring them...it's about nurturing them and helping them to excel and reach their full potential. We can't nurture and encourage our young people as a community by making a blanket statement of what is "good enough" and just going for the bare minimum.

We cannot be over consumers of education and knowledge...these things kind of pay it forward, don't you think? The children we educate and nurture and teach to think creatively today...one of them will be president someday, one may find a cure for cancer, or write your favorite book,or build your house, or sing a wonderful song, or one may even find a way to bring about world peace. (I can dream. :) )

Each of them, each one of us, has tremendous amount of God-given potential. Let's all work together to support the children and each other so that not one little bit is wasted. Because potential...that's something else there can never be enough of.


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  1. Please do not feel guilt over buying white sugar. You are cooking and baking from scratch. Sugar is not bad - just copious amounts of it are.

    I wish the essentials like schools and fire and police got funded first and THEN the boondoggle projects and nice to have things were created around whatever is left. Isn't that how us regular people have to budget?