Friday, April 9, 2010

My Heroes...

When I hear that phrase, "My hero, " I immediately imagine a woman, simpering and batting her eyelashes at a man who has saved her from impending doom...or a broken fingernail. So, it's not really something I think of often without rolling my eyes. PUHLEASE!

But, this morning, after watching an episode of Arthur, there was a huge influx of heroes in my living room. The four youngest boys made up superheroes and powers and proceeded to run/fly around the house. Definitely an energetic way to start the day and head out the door to school. After *I* saw *E* with a cape, he insisted on his own. The blanket he wanted to use was ginormous so I got him a receiving blanket with baseballs on it and he became (and is oh so proud to be) Baseball Boy. Even the husband got into the game with them, and the boys LOVED it.

These guys are heroes to me (even the 15 yo who was already sitting in class when the Hall of Justice, WNY branch formed this morning). No, I do not worship the beasties, nor does everything in the house revolve around the children, although you'd think it would considering the adults are WAY outnumbered.

You see, each of these guys (I include the Husband) has faced fears and negativity, overcome obstacles and taken healthy risks... (OK the 2 yo takes not-so-healthy risks;). I learn so much from them each and every day-- courage and determination, patience and humility, passion and compassion, creativity and silliness. It's awesome!

When my 15 yo gets up to speak in a packed auditorium at a Board of Ed meeting, the 10 yo writes and illustrates a story, the 8 yo helps his sick brother off the school bus, the 5 yo ties his own shoes, the 2 yo makes anything into a baseball and bat (even brio track and a wooden block) and the Husband exhibits acceptance and compassion; loving people "where they're at" regardless of how they have treated him...

These are moments when I am inspired to be a little braver, try a little harder and love a little more.

These heroes of mine are tremendous examples of what God calls each of us to be and do...and while they might not exhibit these characteristics at all times and in all places (they are human, after all) they do a pretty stellar job in my humble opinion.


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