Saturday, April 24, 2010

Somtimes It's About Time...

Yesterday I was lamenting my snappiness and the fact that I hadn't filled the boys' Spring Break with lots of adventures and silliness.
At some point in the late morning or early afternoon, I realized I regretted my crabbiness, BUT that the lack of "adventures" created space for other things.
Going to public school, the boys have an early start every day and are constantly on a schedule, then they come home and do homework, have dinner and get ready for bed. I am not a big fan of heavy scheduling. I think kids need time to be kids..creative and free and fun. (I go back and forth several times a year.. week.. day about the desire to home school, but it's not something we feel ready to do..other than the rigid schedule, PS is working well for the boys.)
So, while we did not go heavy on activities this week (other than baseball practice which at least one of them had every day this week)...they did get to sleep in (which the teenager took advantage of... because he gets up by 5:45 on school days.) The other boys ate lunch in their PJs almost every day this week. *C* had a sleepover at a friend's house..and told me when he came home that being home is great. They played in the yard. They played video games. Many Lego structures were created. In other words, they got to Just Be.
After *C*'s practice last night, we all headed to Friendly's for a late dinner and some ice cream. (Thanks for the gift card, Uncle Dave!) We were all relaxed and enjoyed our time together. Afterward we took a ride (we love taking rides) and then came home with very tired, but content children.
Today I have plans...the four youngers need sneakers (and I have a coupon), there's a sale at Jo-Ann's I'd like to take advantage of, I need to get some little things for my Sunday School lesson...and we'd also like to do something fun as a family. (I have a few ideas floating around, but the Husband and I have not had time to discuss them.)
No, it's not a fancy rock star existence. We don't jet off to fabulous places and I am not the madcap, adventurous mom. Instead, I'm the plain old mom, making breakfast, folding the laundry, dispensing hugs and band aids, helping take those stubborn Lego pieces apart...not always patient, not always laughing...but always loving them and making the time to be present for them, listening and snuggling and just being there.
I'm not a wild and crazy mom, but I'm wild and crazy about this family of mine. Thanks God!


  1. You sound like a fabulous mom to me! We don't lead and exciting life here either, we just live, day to day and it's the way we like it. We aren't schedulers, and when we do have lots of stuff to do it just stresses us out! We went to Florida back in November. When we got home people said, well what did you do!! What did we do? We went to Florida, we were on the beach every day, we picked up shells and watched manta rays. That's what we did. Nothing else? No! LOL! It was a blast!

    You are there for your kids and that is what matters.......not being involved in so many activities that you are never together! :)

  2. Our kids are very lucky to have a Mom like you- even if they don't always know it.