Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break is Coming!

Yahooo! As soon as the last child gets off the school bus around 3:45 we will be on spring break.

We're not doing any big vacation. No Disney World. No Myrtle Beach. No European Vacation. (Though I suspect we look like the Griswolds when we do take a trip. ;) ) We're going to see grandparents for a day. There is still baseball practice and the husband will be at work almost every day. We're hoping to visit Old Fort Niagara and maybe see How to Train Your Dragon. Miraculously the 15 yo has no school projects to do. (He has had one over every other break, including Christmas!)

I am so excited to have the boys home. No, by Wednesday I will not be changing my tune. I enjoy being with my noisy, rambunctious, bickering, energetic, creative boys. (It's good to be realistic about what you're living with, don't you think?)

They will find things to do during the week and we will enjoy the family togetherness. I hope the weather is nice enough that they can build a fort or twelve outside and maybe we can even have a picnic in the park.

It is inevitable though, that I will hear complaints of boredom. They will forget how much they enjoy not getting up at 6:45 because they have to. In fact, I am willing to bet that almost all of them (NOT the teenager ;) ) will get up earlier during vacation than they do for they have more time to play.

I already know what I will say to them when I hear complaints about not knowing what to do or having nothing to do. It's one of my standard lines..."I am not the activity director on the cruise ship of your life." No. it's not terribly pithy but it usually stops their whining for a minute while they think about what I've said...and I can usually make a getaway. ;) (I enjoy spending time with them, but everybody needs a little space. :) )

I'm looking forward to making the most of each day...Because just being together is a gift. (And I REALLY need to remember that.)


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  1. I love that about the cruise director! My favorite line when The Youngun was littler was.....God did not put me on this earth to follow you around and pick up after you! LOL Here's hoping you are having a ball with your crew!