Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reality..It's What You Need.

"Sometimes she stares out the window And wonders about her Hollywood dreams But
when she tucks her kids in bed She softly whispers as they fall asleep Somebody
must be prayin' for me Somebody out there must be prayin' for me Ain't it funny
how you always find Just what you need Somebody must be prayin' for me"
Tim McGraw Somebody Must Be Praying For Me

I've never had "Hollywood dreams" per se, but I can honestly say the life I'm living isn't exactly what I was planning when I was growing up.

For one thing, I never and I do mean NEVER thought I would have 5 never mind 6 kids..and never did I imagine sons. I always imagined having two daughters with names like Tatiana and Kaylee. But 6 children..that never even crossed my radar.

I thought I would live in "the city" and have a career and buckets of disposable income. Umm..yeah. Now I live in a suburb of a small city and dream of living in the country. I'm very happy to be at home, although I do want to finish that Masters. I do still dream of the buckets of disposable income. ;)

My life may not be perfect. My kids aren't perfect. The Husband (sorry honey) isn't perfect. I am most certainly not perfect. But..Life is good.

The dreams I had when I was 15 or even 20 really don't hold a candle to the life I live now, in all it's mundane, middle class "glory". I guess, to quote Taylor Swift in another song, "I didn't know who I was supposed to be at 15."

I'm thankful that I have found myself..pretty an imperfect wife and a mom. (Which means that maybe all those dolls I played with as a little girl were more indicative of my future than anyone realized. ;))

"Ain't it funny how you always find, just what you need? Somebody must be prayin' for me."


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