Monday, April 5, 2010


I make lists. Grocery lists, "To Do" lists, chore schedules....
Making them is easy. I like to organize my thoughts and get everything out on paper.
Doing the items on the lists..another thing altogether.

I consider it a "win" if my grocery list goes to the store with me. It hitches a ride in my purse, coupons tucked neatly inside the folded paper. I don't usually carry it in my hand because I like to have both hands free while I'm shopping.

"To Do" lists are not to be confused with "Honey Do" lists, which I don't make because, well, that doesn't really work well in our house. ;) "To Do" lists are the things I want to get accomplished in a given day; errands, phone calls--that sort of thing. I often put things I've already done on the list just so I know I can cross things off. How's that for playing mind games with myself? ;) Usually you can find a few unfinished "To Do" lists kicking around my kitchen...from weeks or months ago. Apparently these tasks weren't too terribly urgent.

I was revisiting the chore schedule concept this morning while I cleaned the bathrooms. I was thinking about the successful keeper of the home types I know and how they utilize weekly and monthly schedules to manage all their chores. I thought about how clean my home would always be if I implemented such a schedule. And then I got twitchy. I don't like schedules. I started to think about knowing that every Monday I would be scrubbing tubs and toilets and ugh..I know it needs to be done and doesn't take very long and Oh, the sense of accomplishment. But....I don't know....Maybe I'll give it some thought.

And speaking of lists...ever since I read a story last week about a woman who was arrested for robbing two banks, something she did because it was on her "Bucket List"(Who puts that on a "Bucket List"?!)

I've been thinking about my own "Bucket List" or lack thereof. You'd think with all the unfinished lists I make, this one would be no problem for me. But I've got nothing...I'm going to put some serious thought into what I want to accomplish before I die...probably a lot more thought about that than about making a chore schedule for myself. And making (and sticking to) a chore schedule will not be on my "Bucket List."


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  1. I have a "100 Things to Do Before I Die" list. The list posted below is not up-to-date. I've been able to check off quite a few items in the last few years.