Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Big Heart...

Rainy days and Tuesdays...not a problem. :) It allows for quiet and reflection after a busy, sun-filled weekend.

This weekend we did some planting. A few flowers, some cucumbers, string beans and strawberries. We got seedlings this year as last year our flowers never really bloomed.

Sunday after church we went and got the supplies we needed and planted after lunch. Well, the guys planted and Isaiah supervised while I weeded in the front.

*N* offered to help our neighbor who was planting lots of flowers on her own in the heat. She told him he had to ask his dad. *N* said to the Husband, "Can I help Mrs. C because we have all these people and she's doing it all alone?" How could the husband say "No" to that request?

So *N* did what he could to assist her while asking questions and making suggestions. I hope Mrs. C wasn't hoping for some quiet meditative time while working in her garden. :)

*N* is definitely a helper and a fixer. Yesterday when we got home from our hike he was out there hauling water for the plants. It was cute to see him so focused on the job.

It was also eye-opening.

*N* can push my buttons. He can be a "chest-thumper", "look what a great job I did" kid. I find I'm usually reminding him about being humble. However, I have discovered that there are things he doesn't brag about that surprise me...being chosen to sing as part of a solo ensemble in the chorus, helping another student with end of day tasks in the classroom, and how supportive and helpful he is at his younger brother's t-ball practices (so much so that *E*'s coach invited him to help out again.)

*N* has a big heart and a lot of compassion (mostly..apparently compassion goes out the window when dealing with family ;)). He notices things...like when people need help.

He also notices injustice... and wants to right these wrongs. This comes out most strongly when we drive through a neighborhood in need...he wants to know why there is such disparity and why certain groups seem more present.

I am thankful for the unique qualities each of my children possess. I pray that they use these gifts to bless those in their presence. Right now, *N* wants to play major league baseball and I know that whatever he does do in the future he will do with enthusiasm. May he never lose the ability to truly see what is happening around him. May he always care enough to help.



  1. My son loves to help me. Always has. Yesterday was a different story. He just wanted to play on his computer and I needed so much help outside. Since hubby is gone, there is so much to do that I have no clue how to handle it all. But little by little, we'll get it done.

    Your garden sounds wonderful!

  2. In all honesty, *N* does what he wants to do. If we ask him to do (or not do) something, he is frequently "listening challenged".

  3. If he decides down the road that he wants to give mission-type work a try, let me know and I can get him in touch with Ellen. She's been doing "Mission Year" this year and has had a very positive, life-changing experience, while living amongst, and experiencing the injustices of, people in poverty.