Saturday, June 12, 2010

Better Than Bubble Wrap

Do you think he's trying to tell me he wants to wear a helmet? After the morning he had, maybe I should wrap him in bubble wrap?

Right after *I* woke up this morning, he was playing on my bed while I was getting his clothes and managed to somehow flip off my bed. He's almost 3 and he sleeps in a bed so him falling off a bed really wasn't one of my safety concerns, kwim?! We checked him all over and he barely cried. He seemed fine. The thud scared us though. :O

A couple of hours later he was chasing *E* around the kitchen. I heard the Husband say, "No running", then I heard a thud and lots of crying. *I* took a header on the tile floor. He was wailing. We gave him an icepack for the boo boo on his forehead and checked him over. When he stopped crying, he looked at me and said, "No running in the house." Then he hopped off his dad's lap and started running around the living room. Clearly he ummm doesn't get the "no running" concept. Doesn't say much for his learning curve, hunh?

The irony here is that we're pretty safety conscious parents. I mean none of our kids gets on a bike or scooter or wears a pair of skates without a helmet and other appropriate gear. We emphasize safety in the home regarding electricity, scissors and the like. But sometimes, no matter how vigilant and proactive we are, we cannot stop a kid from running or jumping or...acting like a kid. Unfortunately, sometimes they fall or crash into each other and get hurt. We do our best to prevent it, but accidents happen.
So today, while I'm trying to find safe ways to harness his energy and use it for good, I will also pray for his safety and the safety of all children. The world is full of fascinating and enticing, but not always safe, things. Whether it be running in the house or something far more dangerous, there's a big world out there that isn't child-proofed and I won't always be there with words of "wisdom" and warning.
As one of my friends told me many years ago, "We need to wrap our kids in prayer." I think that will work a lot better than bubble wrap. :)

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