Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Me.

Do you ever have those times when you laugh at/with your kids but you know you really shouldn't...because they clearly aren't finding the situation even remotely funny?

That was yesterday afternoon.. *N* is in 3rd grade. He got off the bus and I could tell he was on the verge of tears. (What?!) And then I look at him and he's clearly wearing shorts that are not his own. You know how I knew? Because they were REALLY in huge jean shorts. We're just not that hip.

OK. So first thought, which I didn't say out loud (yay me!) is, you're far too old for having accidents. My brain was in gear, so I said, "What happened? Where are your shorts?" He's fighting the tears now, so I'm really wondering what is going on?

He got a bloody nose at school. There was a collision during kick ball kids get random nosebleeds for no reason, it's a non-issue for me now..except for the blood, I can't handle blood well, which is why I'm glad they all know what to do now. ;) Apparently he bled on his clothes so they had him change...into clothes from the nurse's office. "But that's your shirt." Because really, if we're talking bloody nose, don't you think the shirt would get it worse than the shorts. This is where he got a little more upset....I sneaked my own shirt back on on the bus, but *E* wouldn't help me hide behind his backpack while I was changing it. Aaah, the younger bro let him down.

But you see, watching *N* walking in this HUGE jean shorts was so comical, I was really working hard not to laugh. He wasn't hurt. He didn't have anything horribly embarrassing happen...he got a bloody nose (common for him) and had to change his wasn't a bad thing...except to him. OK..clearly it wasn't a huge compassion-inducing thing for me...


Later on when I asked him why he was so very upset about the whole thing. "It was at the end of the day." "And?" I said. "I was afraid I'd miss the bus." A ha! "*N* what would happen if you missed the bus?" "You'd come and get me?" (Yes, there was a question mark at the end of that sentence.) "Yes, I would come get you from school. You don't have to worry about missing the bus because Daddy or I will come and get you. No worries, OK?"

So he wasn't upset about the hip hop shorts or *E* not helping him out on the was being left behind. (Which is something that always concerns him...and no, he's never gotten lost or left behind but clearly he's worried about it.)

I don't know why he feels that way, but I hope he knows he can count on us. We'll keep proving it to him. :) And I hope he knows that God won't leave him, so he'll never ever be truly alone. He really tugged at my heart strings when he told me what was really bothering him.

Those shorts were pretty humorous though.


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