Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't Blame Me..It's the Hormones.

So I've started writing several times today. I try not to get all cranky and ranty on here because who needs to add that negativity to their day, ya know? I also recognize that as a hormonal pregnant woman I seem to get a little ticky about things that aren't all that important.

The first step is admitting it, right? ;)

So things that have been on my mind are: common sense- it seems to be scarce lately, blame-why do we always have to assign blame?

I started to rant about the lack of common sense based on some recent news stories and then I decided that in doing so I was being judgemental. In one of the cases I still shake my head. In the other, I recognize that while it would be common sense to me...if the person has some sort of mental disorder, perhaps they lack the proper filters to make good common sense choices.

And blame... people seem to feel very comfortable placing blame, not accepting, but placing. I understand it, sort of. Yet, why do we need to assign blame or find someone blameless in order to help them. I don't think we should do that. I guess I'm kind of a rebel. *gasp* Jesus just helped people, he didn't say, "You deserved what you got so I won't help you." He forgave people. He said to let the one without sin cast the first stone (and the sinless Jesus didn't cast any stones :O ) . We're all born sinful and broken, maybe you and I don't sin in the same exact way, but we all have flaws. So I shouldn't sit and say you did X,Y, Z so this is what you get.

I guess occasionally I do say that, like when one of the boys experiences the fruits of their choices. Sometimes I will say, "that's what you get." That is, they experience the natural consequences. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that because they make a bad choice and get hurt or in a jam, I won't help them. If one of them climbed a tree after being told not to and fell breaking an arm or leg, I might say "This is why I told you not to climb the tree!" but I'd also get them to the hospital.

I told *J* to wear sunscreen a couple of weeks ago and he said he didn't need it. He got sunburned. I said, "See?! I told you you needed sunscreen." but I also made sure he had the aloe vera and the Tylenol. Even though he didn't make the right choice, I still had compassion for him. I helped him. I didn't say, "Serves you right, now suffer." I didn't say, "Figure it out on your own." I'm his mom but I'm also human, I might be frustrated, but I believe that I'm called by God to show love and compassion to all regardless of what another has done.

So, I didn't rant here (too much) today . I'm just saying I think that maybe before we judge others, before we insist on placing blame, maybe we could look deep in our hearts, beyond the fault and the "should haves" and just find a little love in our hearts to share. It will bless both sides, honest.

I'm working on it. Prayer helps...A LOT.



  1. Don't worry about the hormones....rant away. For about one week every month, I'd swear I'm going totally coon crazy, and I'm NOT pregnant, just hormonal so I totally understand. I myself need to learn more compassion. If I love you I'm full of compassion, but if I don't then not so much. Not the way my Jesus wants me to be. He was compassionate to me even before He knew me and I should strive to be the same, even though it's oh so hard for me not to point out the stupidity of nearly every stranger I see! LOL ;0)

  2. Hormones, just life sweetie. We maybe sahm's but we work full time and overtime at that. We all have those moments. You are loved and I enjoy your writing, you don't know how much you help me. :)