Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet and ...Wild?

Sometimes, I look into the angelic blue-eyed face and someone so innocent looking can be such a wild boy.

Right now, he's sitting at the table eating his lunch. As I was opening the mail he stood beside me and said,"Mommy, I'm thirsty" in the sweetest voice.

I am left to wonder how my little guy can have such a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality. I wasn't there to witness it, but apparently the not-quite-3yo was a terror in the nursery, hitting with a sword, running trucks into others...clearly being uncivilized. SIGH.

I could ask him why, but I'm sure even he doesn't know. He's active. His brothers are active. We don't encourage or condone rough play, but it seems to happen anyway.

It leaves me at a total loss.

Well...maybe it doesn't. How many times have the boys smashed their cars together like it's a demolition derby? How often have they played with inflatable light sabers, whacking each other? How often has a balloon been used for dodge ball. And *I*, he watches and joins in...and loves to play with the big boys. They're all laughing and shrieking and usually no one gets hurt.

How do I explain to the 3 in 19 days boy that some of the games he plays with his brothers just don't translate well to other locations? Maybe I should just stay home. That would be infinitely easier, wouldn't it? Easier than feeling like people think he's a wild beast. I do call them my beastie boys for a reason. ;)

So today, I was humbled and felt a little bit (who am I kidding? it was more than a little bit) sad that my little guy didn't bring his best manners. How can I say to the ladies, "He's not that bad...really!" Do you think they'd believe me? Do you think they're making guesses about how we raise the boys? Can I assure them the boys are not being raised like wild animals without them thinking I protest too much?

Probably not.

So Lord, can you help me to be the mother you made me to be, to raise these blessings you've bestowed upon me to be faithful and Godly? I pray for the strength and wisdom to raise them up and point them in the right direction...and then that they keep their feet on Your path.


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  1. I don't have any boys, but I do know that boys are boys..........are boys...are boys! LOL! I've always been a little leery of boys that are too well mannered and well behaved, it's just a little creepy. I say as long as he isn't torturing animals, hitting, kicking, or otherwise purposely harming others, then you are doing just fine! I also think that praying for your children as well as raising them in the ways of the Lord, is the best thing we can do for them! :)