Friday, June 11, 2010

What Memories?!

I like to scrapbook. I take pictures, though not as frequently as many. I don't keep a journal, but I like to believe I am paying attention to life enough to note, mentally, the big things, the happy times and the milestones.

So why is this assignment from my Kindergartner's teacher throwing me for a loop? I have to decorate an 8" x 11" piece of paper to be the back cover of a memory book for *E*'s Kindergarten year. I've known about this for almost two weeks, it's due on Monday (Or Tuesday) and I'm procrastinating.

This year has flown by. I know he's had fun, made friends and learned new things. He's become more independent and confident in his own choices (for better or worse ;) ). He's learned to tie his shoes and become a terrific reader.

Yet...thinking about how to immortalize this on paper...for someone else, not only family, to see brings out all the perfectionist leanings in me.

And all the insecurities that maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention to this year. It feels like just yesterday we were waving goodbye on the first day. What did I miss? Did I drop the ball a lot this year? I don't know. I do know that life is full and busy and fun. That it's full of children and love and noise and mess. (Lots of mess. ;) ) Maybe I've missed out on something, but I think they all know they're loved and cared about.

I don't know that I can put those things on a memory page for him, but I do know that each day is an opportunity to grow and learn and just be.

So this morning, I decided to go through the pictures from September to now and pick out some shots of *E* and have them printed out. His page will be a photo collage of the year. And maybe there will be a little blurb on there from us too.
I guess I could cover the page in hearts to show how much we love him....but I don't think that would be "cool" even for a Kindergartner. ;)

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  1. I feel the same way. The year FLEW by and even though I helped out in the class a handful of times this year, I don't feel I connected. I am looking forward to Kinder ending and starting out fresh next year.

    But, I think your picture collage with a nice blurb is a great idea! Good Luck.