Sunday, May 30, 2010

Altar Call?

Wherever we go, whatever we's always good for a laugh, or a sideshow.

Back in the day when I was a mom of 1, I nearly died of embarrassment almost every day over fairly minor stuff. (An infant crying in public was surely a sign of my inadequacies as a parent.)

Fortunately, my skin has gotten thicker and my sense of humor has gotten broader. :0

To be clear, I would never ignore the boys' misbehavior, especially if they were bothering others. We try very hard to teach them respect for others. (That's my disclaimer.)

Today in church...well...I could have died of embarrassment but...I've gotten tougher over the years. ;)

There was no one in the nursery and although I didn't have my usual bag of tricks to keep *I* entertained, we decided he should, at almost 3, be able to handle 45 minutes to an hour sitting on one of our laps, drinking juice and eating goldfish.

He was a bit chatty, but not too loud, I don't think. There are adults that are louder sometimes. (Honest.) We'd almost made it to the end of the service when I turned to ask *N* not to do something. That was the opening *I* was looking for. He crawled under the pews headed for the front. I caught up to up to him and cut him off about four pews away.

I guess he was moved by the spirit. Lutherans aren't usually known for their altar calls :)


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  1. LOL! That's too sweet! Nothing to be embarrassed about, as the song says, Jesus loves the little children! ;)