Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Day!

I've written before about the attitude of "Expecting God to show up". It's somewhat foreign in to me, the glass half-empty gal.

However, I have been beginning each day with prayers of Thanksgiving for the day to come and also expecting that God will grant the prayers of my heart if it is His will. (I think recognizing that everything I desire may not be God's will is pretty important. ;) )

So yesterday I began my day the same way.

You see, my 15 yo auditioned for a special chorus at his school a few weeks ago. He (and the Husband and I) have been waiting in a kind of agony for that list to be posted. *J* auditioned last year, as a freshman, but his voice was in flux and the director said he needed to see where *J*'s voice settled. It was a very difficult thing to face. It wasn't that he didn't have ability..he was just having some "Peter Brady" Time to change issues.

But *J* kept singing in the Mixed and Men's choruses, sang in the vocal jazz ensemble and worked hard on his other singing opportunities.

Yesterday around 7:20 in the morning our phone rang. When I saw the caller id I wondered what he'd forgotten. Wrong. He called to say. "I made the concert choir!" There was MUCH rejoicing in our home. :)

Last night, the great things continued for our boys. There were two baseball games... 8 yo *N* played from 6-8. This is his third season. He made several great plays in the field and lots of good hits. He works hard and hustles..and yesterday his coaches gave him the game ball. From 8-10 pm (crazy, no?!) our 10 yo *C* had a game. This is *C*'s first season playing. He never wanted to before and this is not something that comes naturally for him. To be honest, I think he is playing because he sees how much *N* and the Husband bond over it. Last night *C* made a great play in the field AND he got his first hit. He's learning skills and gaining confidence and when he was running to 1st the coach turned to the Husband and said, "Boy he's fast!"

Yesterday (and every day), I prayed for God's will in my boys' lives, in all of our lives actually. I also prayed for a hedge of protection around them to keep them safe physically and emotionally. I expected that God would be there, either to pick them up when they missed a step or that God would be there lifting them to their goals. (I also prayed that God would give me the wisdom to say the "right" thing no matter which way it went.)

*J* said that one of the freshman that tried out was really bummed to have not made the choir this time. I said, "You know how that feels." He said "Yeah. I told him that." That year of missing out on a dream helped him grow in compassion and humility. Thanks be to God for that too. :)

Prayers for you to find hope and comfort in the expectation that God is going to show up, though not always as you'd expect or desire.


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  1. It's a huge step in faith to realize that even when we think He isn't God is there! God post!