Friday, June 25, 2010

School's Out For Summer...

And I've got nothin'. Nothing, that is to write about.

You'd think with all these lovely boys running around, I would have lots to write about.

Not so much.

I feel like I've spent the past couple of days trying to: 1. keep everyone happy 2. not cry because I feel guilty because I cannot afford everything they want to do/ have.

As you can imagine spending the days that way is not enjoyable. In fact, it's making me downright cranky!

I don't think my mom worried this much about making my summer vacation fun and memorable. I was happy to play. I remember going to the beach once or twice a summer (and I grew up in a lake resort town). I played in the sprinkler, rode my bike, ate popsicles...and I remember summer being fun.

I worry that my boys will remember that I didn't take them to amusement parks and bounce houses and buy them a bunch of new video games. And I feel badly. Do they need this stuff? No. But....all their friends are doing and getting and going. What will they write about in their, "What I did over summer vacation" essay?!

Maybe I'm fostering this spirit of discontent and gimme attitude by trying too hard to give them what they want. In my heart I know what they need is far more basic and down to earth and lasting.

The other day we went to the park and as I watched them run and yell and pretend something, I found myself smiling (despite worrying that I was getting the evil eye from the parents of more docile children). They were being kids, playing with abandon and joy and imagination and that's what I remember from my childhood...and that's what I want their summer vacation to be about.

While I hope to take a trip to the amusement park, I also hope to make this break memorable because we're together enjoying each other's company and experiencing the wonder of God's creation as a family.

Not to mention, by the time they head back to school, they'll have a new baby sister...and if all else fails...the dreaded, "what I did over summer vacation" essay can be a birth announcement. ;)

Praying you have contentment and joy this summer.



  1. I think your outing sounded fine. Your kids are great, grounded and enjoy life! :)
    Send me you address via the email link on the blog. You won the bib giveaway!

  2. You rest in the summer heat knowing that so much of the best fun our kids will ever have is free. Those scraped up legs on that little boy are a tally of how much fun he is having!
    And please, laugh a lot this is the last time you will be able to say: "The boys and I." with adding in your baby girls. Laugh at all of the chaos and do it all for free because He has set us free indeed!