Friday, August 5, 2011

Well-Fed: Day One of MOPS Convention.

My first MOPS convention experience. Wow. I have so much to share and so little time and space (and a spotty internet connection.)

I can honestly say that the MOPS Storyboard session last night was amazing. I do wonder whether one of the speakers has been hanging out inside my head, though?

Kathi Lipp referred to women feeling like they get pecked to death by a thousand chickens and as God is my witness, and some of my boys might confirm (they're spotty on memory and I might have sounded like the Peanuts adults...:Wah Wah Wah...") I have said several times in the last few weeks, "I feel like you're a chicken pecking me to death!" These darling children of mine are, in a word, needy. Mostly, they need things revolving around food and the kitchen and there is apparently a sensor that means they need whatever they need as soon as my butt hits a chair. (Pecked to death by chickens, I tell you! Maybe I should make them chicken costumes for Halloween?! Nah, too many feathers would end up all around my house.)
Much of her message resonated with me. I am already living out my story though. I may have put life on hold a little bit when my first son was born, but I am following my dreams, some of which I am afraid to say out loud to most, but I am moving forward. You know what scares me though? (Mom Sanity issues ;) ) What if, in the process of pursuing my story, my dreams and my goals, I am not there for one of the chickens kiddos when they really need me? That is something I will need to work out. My amazing Husband has assured me that, as a team we can do this. I suspect he has more faith in me than I have in myself.

HOWEVER…the key theme of the night, not only through Kathi Lipp but also through the beautiful music of Sara Groves and the preaching of Max Lucado (I know! Talk about a gift for the soul!) was that it’s not my list I need to focus on, it’s not done by me! Me, me, me, getting pecked by chickens, me! It’s about God, blessing us through the pecking, blessing us through the trials, blessing us through the anxiety, being there for us in the moments and refining us through the failures. God.

Max Lucado, spoke of Jesus being within us. WITHIN us. Jesus’ heart beats in us and when Satan accuses us (he accuses me daily in my head and I let him because I forget even though I am told Paul writes a mighty 216 times of Jesus living within us), when Satan accused us he is stopped short by the pure heart of Jesus beating with in us. Can I hear a collective, “Wow?”   How about and, "Amen!"?

And Sara Groves' amazing music and stories spoke to my heart. What a blessing her music is. She sang a song that had me sobbing into my mini-kleenex, dabbing smears of mascara away. About wanting children to be free, to go away, but "don’t forget to call your mother."  Totally buying her CD(s)!

Our evening ended with an amazing dinner at Ravello at the Gaylord.  The six of us, our flying lady met us at lunchtime, talked and ate and laughed and ate and some of us ate some more.  After an amazing feeding of the soul, our bodies were well-fed too. 

Lord, I thank you for bringing so many women, moms, together to hear this message of hope and grace. Thank You for giving me pecking chickens to nurture and cluck at.  Thank you for writing my story.  Thank You for holding us in your hands through the joy and the stress of each and every day.  Thank You for bringing me here with an amazing group of women.  Lord, I ask that you grow our relationships and help us to live out who you created us to be, that we may be a support and comfort to one another through it all.


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