Sunday, August 7, 2011

The End of Convention..Or Renewal

It's kind of being like being sent forth, really.  Reignited for the mission and the ministry.

On the last full day of MOPS convention, Lauren Dungy referred us to 2 Timothy and Psalm 111 she told us to, "Use sound judgement when faced with difficult and ambiguous information." "Relying on God, is the only way to be a sensible mom." 

Later we heard a little from the author of MOMSense, Jean Blackmer.  What is "momsense" you ask?  That is mom intuition  common sense. 
A photo of our group with the author, Jean Blackmer (2nd from right)
 Jonalyn Fincher spoke to us about prayer.  We heard her speak at MOPS summit and I think we had a little Jonalyn Adoration society. :)  Can I just tell you she has an amazing way of sharing theological understanding?  She would not be unhappy to see me refer to it here as feminine, as if she is going to ever read this! LOL.  (Read her book,  Ruby Slippers.)  She spoke with candor and vulnerability, empowering and encouraging us to pray all sorts of prayers.  "If you can pay attention, you can pray."  Her admonition to anyone who might feel as though our prayers go unheard or responded to, who may feel as if their faith was not great enough, perhaps not even as big as a mustard seed, sieve it through the filter of, "Is this something God would want?" 

Jonalyn with a few of us.  She is 2nd from left.

After this, we took some time to see the sites at the Gaylord, Opryland.  Some of us took a boat ride through the Delta section and enjoyed some other amazing sights!  That place is HUGE and GORGEOUS!

Convention finished with an amazing gift.  Mary Beth Chapman shared her story.  I want to, I must, read her book, Choosing to SEE. Steven Curtis Chapman performed.  Wow! Wow! Wow!  I heard him sing "Cinderella" live.  I swear there were those little packs of tissues making their rounds all over the room.  I get teary every time I hear that song, reminded that in the midst of lots of busyness, my children will be growing up and I will not always have the opportunity to dance and play. 

I feel as though I did not do justice to this amazing, empowering, inspiring day. 

We ended our day, again, with laughter and conversation around a dinner table.  After joining hands, we prayed, taking turns, going around the table, sharing our thanks, our praise and joy in the nurture of our relationships.

We embarked on this journey knowing each other, but I am not alone in recognizing how much I have learned about my fellow travellers.  (I talked a lot (shocking, I know! ;) ) so I know they learned about me.)  I also listened and payed attention.  We took this journey together because we have a passion for MOPS.  Convention fanned the ember of our passion into roaring flames and now, we are going home.  Home to share what we heard, just in time to reignite the ministry for the new season of MOPS to begin next month. 

As we hit the road  today, I pray for travelling mercies.  I pray that the passion we grew over the past few days for sharing the MOPS ministry will continue to burn brightly and that we will be an encouragement to each other as well as to others even when the flames get doused by life's realities.  May we turn to each other in those times so that we can pray for one another and encourage each other.

Shelly Radic said last night, something to the effect of, "We don't have a superpower, we have a divine power flowing through us."   Can I hear an, "Amen!"


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