Tuesday, August 30, 2011


One year ago, at 7:23 pm, our family gained a princess.  The testosterone levels got tempered just a smidgen when Miss M joined the family.

She has been treated like a little princess since that moment.  My heart melted when she was whimpering at 3 days old and the then 15 yo rushed across the room, lifted her up and gently rocked her in his arms.  "It's okay if she fusses a little," I said.  "Not my sister," was the shocked reply.

That protectiveness is evidenced in all five of her older brothers.  Sometimes we joke that she'll never be able to go out on a date because the big brothers will scare the boys away.  I usually add that it's a good thing too because the Husband and I won't be able to chase them with our walkers...

You might think we're raising her to be self-centered.  I hope not, although developmentally it's pretty normal for all kids to think the world revolves around them. 

I do want her to believe she is a princess, that she is valued and special just as she is, uniquely and wonderfully made.  Do you see where I'm going with this?

There is a book I saw at convention (there I go again!) called Gigi, God's Little Princess by Sheila Walsh.  The story is about a little girl who is always told she is a princess (and she acts like one. ;) ) but she wonders where her castle and jewels are and when she asks her father, he tells her that she is a child of the greatest King; she is a princess because she is a Child of God.  When I got home I was telling her Godmother about this cute book.  (Even after a year of buying tutu skirts and tights, I am a newbie to buying girly things but Aunt S is a pro with three beautiful daughters (and one handsome son) who already knew all about it.)

This morning among the gifts from her Godparents was a little pink box with the word princess embossed on the outside.  Inside was a pendant shaped like a crown, with pink and white crystals.  Inside was the verse, "Delight yourself in the Lord." Psalm 37:4.

Oh sweet Miss M, I pray you always know how precious and special and loved you are.  I pray that you never need  to look to others to feel special or loved or valued.  I pray that you know from the tip of your toes to the top of your head that you are loved by your family and more importantly by God who created you with a purpose and that you will "Delight yourself in the Lord."    Your brothers and father and I love you so very much, but even as much as we love you, God loves you more. 

God loves each of us more than we can possibly understand.  I wish I had realized that a very long time ago.  I am thankful to know it now and I hope that my children (and you and yours) know it too, and believe it.


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