Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rolling. Silent But...

So today I read something and I found myself rolling my eyes.

When I roll my eyes, there is usually something snarky on the tip of my tongue, but my mouth filter is working so I don't say it our loud and the finger filter was functioning, so I didn't type it out for my facebook peeps to read. 

My heart filter wasn't working though...because I did roll my eyes and I did feel snarky things in my heart.  My feelings are my feelings and my thoughts are my thoughts but that doesn't make it right or good or in any way acceptable.  You see, I can feel a certain way, but if in my heart was judgement or disdain for another person, is it any different than tossing stones at them?

If I dislike or disagree with another human's words or actions, do I have a right to sit in judgement, no matter how much I want to or think it's funny or whatever?  Even if I am right and the other is so patently my opinion... should I exercise my eye socket muscles? 

No.  Not so much.  It's neither Biblical or kind.  State my own opinion or outlook?  Yes.  Keep my opinion to myself?  Yes. But the snarkiness is like poison for my heart and others hearts too.  I might as well toss little pebbles by the fistful or pitch larger stones or maybe heave one big ol' stone, because it's all the same.  And we all know what Jesus said about throwing stones, right? 

Lord, please help me to tame my snarky thoughts and rolling eyes.  Help me to remember that judgement and unkind thoughts tear down everyone, even me.  I pray for the kindness of heart to do as Jesus would do so that I can be a builder of things just as He was.


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