Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Journey Begins: MOPS Convention 2011

Or ,Wow, road trips without children are different.

Yesterday, 4 ladies and I drove 8 hours in a minivan.  The time went amazingly fast.  We had one bathroom break and one stop to eat.  No one whined they were bored. I did not have to mediate disputes and the only snappish voice was that of Nasty Nancy, the GPS, who peevishly told us she was recalculating when we took said bathroom break and dinner detour.

8 hours in a car is 8 hours to talk and to listen and to laugh. 

In so many ways, it reminded me of the road trips with my sorority sisters a lifetime ago.  (Okay, the radio wasn't blasting like back in the day.) My MOPS ladies are trusted friends, confidantes and sisters too, sisters in Christ.  We are all women with a common goal and focus of supporting other women, mothers, on the path we're all walking together.  Sometimes we lead.  Sometimes we follow.  Sometimes we prop another up on the journey.  Sometimes we speak out.  Sometimes we hold our tongues.  Sometimes we flat out disagree.  Through it all, we pray and ask God to guide us and do His thing.

Lord, thank You for all the amazing women you have brought into my life through MOPS.  I feel so blessed to have these relationships and opportunities to nurture others and to grow myself.
8 hours in a car is an opportunity to learn about others.  It is also an opportunity to learn more about You.

Wishing you peace and blessings in this day.  If you're at MOPS convention, maybe we'll meet. (I am so excited to attend Storyboard this afternoon!) If you're at home, you can find information at  If you're a mom and don't belong to MOPS (yet) you can find groups in your area at the website.  (There's a group or preschoolers, a group for moms of older children (MOMsnext) or, if you don't fit into either of those groups, perhaps you can mentor other moms.  Think about it, not for me, but for you.

     The roadtrip ladies on the way into Graeters for ice cream.


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