Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Risky Business?

I am working on a project right now.  When am I not working on some sort of project?  This is not a hands-on sewing or knitting or cooking project  It's more of a presentation for an interview.

I was discussing my plan with *J*, the oldest beastie, and he turned to me with mild alarm on his face.  "You can't mention religion!"  "But they're interviewing me because I have a Masters in Theology."

You see, my public school educated son was concerned that mentioning religion would be akin to shooting myself in the foot.

After my initial knee-jerk response, I gave some thought to my son's words and we were able to talk about exactly what he meant and what I meant and how it would all go down.  Now, he may be right, I may be crazy.  The institution may feel that any mention of religion in any context, even my historical reference, is unacceptable. Guess what?  If it is, then it is not the place for me.  I am willing to take that risk.

In case you did not notice (as if!), I just returned from a MOPS convention.  MOPS is a Christian organization focused on nurturing mothers.   I am a Christian.  My worldview is shaped by my faith, a faith that was strengthened and energized through my experiences this weekend.  If anything, my experiences solidified my boldness to declare I am who I am.  I know who He was and is and what He did and now I cannot forget who I am because He is within me.  (Do you need a map or a chart to follow that? ;) )

Does this mean I need to be in your face, or anyone's,  about my faith?  No.  (If you're reading this, the title should tell you what you're probably going to get.)  If I am living authentically, I hope I remember to act with grace and mercy, compassion and generosity.  I am imperfect and so frequently I fall short but, living out my faith is more than a Sunday morning worship service, more than a Bible study, more than saying grace at dinner.  It is a way of living in this world.  It is in the actions and the silent prayers, the laughter and  the tears, the mercy and love that faith becomes life-giving, hands and feet of God living.

If being who I am shoots me in the foot, I can handle that.  What I'm not sure I can handle is ignoring the One who died for me.

Praying for a balance of boldness and sensibility, honesty and discernment at all times and in all things.


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