Monday, August 22, 2011

Under the Table

You might think it's uncomfortable lying underneath a table.  I'm sure there are times when it would be. 

Then again, if you're in a folding table fort decked out with pillows and fleece blankets and some cute guys, AKA *I* and the Husband, it is actually quite cozy.

Choosing to be there instead of doing dishes or schoolwork or any number of chores was mighty pleasant.  I could have fallen asleep... errr, well, at least it was comfy like bunny slippers.

I love the moments when we do unexpected things.  It wasn't like the parents planned to build a fort for the beasties and hang out.  *I* built his blanket and table fort and then invited us in.  So often I try to create these memories, anticipating their happiness and I think I try too hard and it loses something in the effort.  Perhaps in my imagination I expect greater applause and joy and perhaps I try too hard to contrive moments of happiness instead of letting them come naturally.

A friend was recently talking about how she was planning something, trying to figure out the options and all the while God had been working His plan behind the scenes so things were coming together.  Her response to this realization?  "Isn't God amazing?!"  She was full of thanksgiving and joy. 

How great is our God! He can do all things through us and through others.  Sometimes a 4 year-old can create the memories and the warm fuzzies for us.  Sometimes we can grow full of our own competence and vision and lose sight of Who is holding us all in His hand and making everything we do possible.

Lord, thank You for these gifts and the opportunities to use them.  May we use these gifts to glorify You and stop to pray for guidance so that we can  further Your plan.  Thank You for wrapping us in Your amazing grace and love. Amen.


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