Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Soil

This is the second year we've planted potatoes in a container.  As renters we are only allowed to garden in pots and while some people have grand success planting all sorts of produce in containers, we have the most success with cucumbers, hot peppers and potatoes. 

The soil in our potato container is rich and dark and the potato and cucumber harvest this year (Which I apparently neglected to take any pictures of) was/is absolutely delicious.  The Husband composts potato and carrot peals and other vegetable-type matter in the bins each year and there are worms crawling's a veritable bin of goodness, well to the worms and growing things, it's not where I would want to be if one of my kids built a shrink ray and I found myself trapped outside the size of an ant, but I digress...

My point is the bins are full of good soil.  The Husband puts good things in to fortify the soil, give it nutrients and the things to help it help our potatoes and cucumbers grow.  If we just tossed random trash in the bins along with vegetable peelings, we would have....a bin full of garbage.

If my heart is full of garbage (negative thoughts, feelings and expectations), (like green sock puppets of sin ) there is not going to be "good soil" there either.  When I notice the linty green puppets rearing their heads, I have to make a conscious decision to take that trash to the curb and instead nurture love and compassion and understanding, to read the Bible and to pray.  It is work, like tending a garden or raising children, but I'd rather have tasty potatoes and cucumbers than a linty bin of trash.

Lord, let my heart be good soil. 


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