Thursday, August 18, 2011

Expectations May Not Match Reality....

I found this adorable fabric at Joanns the other day.

It screamed at me from the shelf, "Make Miss M a dress from ME!"  Okay, it didn't really scream, that would be a totally different problem.  But I was looking for fabric with apples to make her an apple picking outfit, because one must have an outfit for picking apples.  (It's my first girl, cut me some slack. ;) )  Alas, I have been unable to find apple fabric suitable for the image in my mind.  I'm picky like that.

Anyway, now I have this fabric and I have some idea of how I want the dress to look.  Not all one fabric, kind of bohemian, a little patchworky.  (I need some coordinating fabrics.  Shucks, I must go back to Joanns.  ;)  ) I found some patterns that sort of resemble what I want. ( but not exactly because a fall dress in my neck of the woods usually means long sleeves. 

There is another issue.  I am not an expert seamstress.  I mean, I can follow a pattern but I haven't perfected things yet.  (This is why knitting is so nice, you just rip it out and start over, no cutting out etc.). There is a part of me wondering if I should even try to make the dress in my mind's eye for Miss M.  It very well may look like something a 10 year-old made for her doll. (And I'm not talking a gifted 10 year-old, I'm talking me at age 10. : D)  In my mind, it does not look like that, it looks adorable and perfect and like something I would proudly (pride may be a problem) dress her in for church. :)  What if it turns out looking like Cinderella's castoff?  That's time and money and well, pride. :O.

Only time will tell.  A lesson I've heard it from my builder brother my whole life was reinforced yesterday.  "Measure twice, cut once."  Apparently, I mismeasured Miss M because the adorable circle skirt will fit her next fall or maybe the one after that.  The good news is, at just under a year, I could have sworn her waist measured 17"...apparently it's considerably less.

I could write a whole bunch about how God has a pattern for our life and no matter how we muck with it, He will use it for good.  I do believe that.  I also believe that trying to make the dress is the most important part because it's about the journey and the process not only the destination or the final product.  I just want the product to be wearable (and cute and to match my expectations.)  Just sayin'. 



  1. You'll be fine! She will love it because you made it and the best part will be the apples. Kids remember the darndest things. Have fun sewing. I hope you post a picture of how it turns out.

  2. How about making a jumper with the bohemian, patchworky feel and putting it over a turtleneck so you don't have to deal with sleeves but it is still fall appropriate? Is it just as hard to make a sleeveless as sleeves? I don't sew so I have no frame of reference. But I do have some papers that will coordinate with that fabric for a layout of apple picking. Shall I send them your way??

  3. Thank you both! I did buy a jumper pattern this weekend. This fabric will not be her apple picking outfit, I have something else planned for that. No, seriously, I do, and I bought that fabric already. The Husband has called it a addiction. :D he bought me the sewing machine, so does that make him an enabler? ;)