Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Morning Run?

See this? I'm not sure how many of my neighbors did this morning. :O

The not-quite-3-yo *I* has learned how to open the front door, deadbolt and all and I had to chase him down the front walk. I was maybe 15 feet away when he made his getaway, so don't go thinking I was being negligent. ;)

I hope that imagining a 26-week pregnant woman chasing a fleet footed preschooler while trying to keep her bathrobe closed makes you laugh. I can laugh about it now, now that I'm not scared spitless that he's going to get into the street.
(My neighbors might wish they had never had that image burned into their retinas, though. ;) )
You'd think that my 8 yo, *N*, the boy nicknamed Turbo by his baseball coaches and teammates for his lightning speed, would have helped me out, but apparently he saw something sparkly and was a little slow getting out of the starting gate.
We know we have to make adjustments to the doors to keep the little man safe but we're hesitant to put any sort of lock up too high for the other boys to reach..just in case. Not to mention, this child is a climber...I think he might be part spider or mountain goat or something. My immediate solution (while I work on teaching him limits, rules and not to run outside without an adult while still watching him like a hawk) is to buy more doorknob covers. They seem to work...for now...or at least they'll slow him down. (Kind of like the gates acting like speed bumps now.) :).
This is the fifth child and we've never had this particular issue arise. Just goes to show all kids are different. He's keeping me on my toes. Maybe it will help me to keep some of the weight off. (Fat chance..pun intended.)
To see him now, you'd never know the boy I described above is the same child. He's hanging out on the couch sucking his thumb. Maybe his attempt at "breaking out" (and the hour sitting in his stroller eating Goldfish and coloring at Mommy's OB appointment) wore him out.
I am thankful that his little trip outside was uneventful. Thanks be to God for that! And if it provided a little comedy for the neighbors...I do what I can. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness! That would have been a sight, LOL! Scary though. My little girl will do that to me. One time she ran across the street before I could reach her. Thank God the car that was coming was far enough away. It was one of the scarier moments of parenting. Glad you were able to catch your little escape artist!

  2. Sorry you had to go out like that!!!

    Try some packing tape wrapped around the door knob with the sticky side facing out. He may not like the feel of the stickiness. You may have to replace it a couple of times but it may work. Also there are some alarms that you can get to place at the top of the door to alert you that's he's out.

    Hope you find something that works. I would be beside myself like you!