Friday, May 7, 2010

"Mom! Mom! Mom!"

A few years ago, right after *I* was born, I cut a Baby Blues cartoon out of the newspaper and hung it on the refrigerator.

The comic is in three frames. The first frame is labeled First Baby and mom is saying, "Can you say Mommy?" over and over. The second frame is labeled Second Baby and baby #1 is saying "Mommy!" over and over while mom is saying to baby, "Can you say Mommy too?" The third frame, labeled Third Baby, has the two children saying (yelling?) "Mommy!" over and over and the mom is saying to baby, "Say anything as long as it's not Mommy."

Obviously I identified with this comic when I cut it out. Today, *I* has been saying "Mommy" over and over and over again, whenever he picks up a toy, whenever he does anything. To be honest, while I am very thankful for his growing abilities, hearing "Mommy" over and over and over starting to wear a little bit on my nerves.

And then I remembered..not only this cartoon, but something that was said at MOPS the other day. A sweet woman was talking about how sometimes the little things about being a mom are what wear her down and one of her friends suggested that instead of thinking of it as "I have to do X,Y or Z" think of it as "I get to do X,Y or Z."

I had a light bulb moment while standing at the kitchen island struggling with the battery door on a train while listening to the "Mom" refrain from one sweet little voice. I GET to hear "Mom" from that sweet little voice. And it's a privilege I shouldn't take for granted. I don't, in the grand scheme of things, take my children for granted. I look at each of them as a unique blessing. But sometimes I crave a little bit of quiet, some space for concentration and introspection. Sometimes I just want to complete a task in peace. ;)

I get to spend my day with this little guy (and I miss all the other beasties when they're away at school.) I get to learn a lot from these little guys. Things like how to really listen, how to multi-task, how to focus and how to be patient.

I get to watch each of these children learn and grow. Some days feel a little louder than others. Some days I say I'm changing my name. But each and every day I need to remember that the "Mom" refrain will eventually fade. While it might be a little wearing at times, this is a season I will remember fondly.

Hearing "Mom" over and over is really quite a special gift...and while I might joke about changing my could never change who I am, who I get to be.



  1. It is a special gift indeed! Happy Mothers Day sweetie!

  2. Being a mom is a hard job if you care about your children! I only have one and there are times I just want to put duct tape over her mouth.....then I remind myself there will come a time when I will crave hearing her talk to me and I ask God to forgive me and give me patience! Your friend has a good point.........being a mom is a privilege and I'm thankful I "get" to be one! ;) Happy Mothers Day to you!

  3. I know what you mean! I have had exactly the same thoughts before. Sometimes I say an old refrain in my head "That's my name, don't wear it out!" LOL But you are so right. The other day my oldest son asked me, "Mom, when you were younger did you want to have children?" I said yes, more than anything. The look of surprise/shock on his face was a little convicting, even if it wasn't meant to be--ouch. :) Happy Mother's Day!