Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Knit With Love

This is the sweater I'm knitting for baby*M*. I think it's going to be sooo adorable! I can envision her wearing it with bright pink tights (or maybe some coordinating babylegs) and a skirt. :) *C* suggested I knit her a hat to go with it too. :) I'm thinking something kind of jaunty like a beret. What do you think?
I'm using this pattern and self-striping sock yarn. The yarn the creator of the pattern used had different striping, but it's been discontinued. :( The back panel has been completed and the front panel is in progress. I was almost done with the front panel when I dropped a stitch and it kept getting worse and worse as I tried to pick it up so I frogged it. It's not like I don't have time. I mean she's not going to be wearing this until October, right?
The needles in the picture aren't the needles I started with. I was doing this on a size one circular needle even though it's done flat. BUT last week *I* tried to pull the knitting from my hands and snapped my needle. (Mommy was not happy. :P) The store was all out of size one circular needles soooo feeling desperate to knit, I bought a set of double points and some point protectors and it seems to be working pretty well. Actually, I think it will work out better for attaching the sleeves using a 3 needle bind off (whatever that is...Google will be my friend when I get to that step.)
My mom taught me to knit scarves when I was little but I never got any further than that. When we went to seminary, many of the women were knitters and I decided to pick it up again. Between some generous help and what I read in books and online, I'm willing to try most any pattern. I mean, if it doesn't look right you can just rip it all out, re-roll the yarn and start over. LOVE that.
Knitting relaxes me and feels so productive. I love feeling the wool or silk or alpaca (not a fan of artificial fibers and the way they feel between my fingers). I love the colors and the creative process. It feels good to take a hank of yarn and make something useful out of it. It challenges me too, because I'm learning something new.
Would it be easier and cheaper to just buy a sweater, hat or scarf? Maybe. But when I knit something for someone, I'm knitting it up with prayers and love.
And as the song goes..."Cant buy me love."


  1. She is going to be one snazzy dressed baby girl!!!!! I am so happy for you and another miracle :)

  2. I'm a knitter as well, and even though I'm not very good and don't understand complicated patterns, I do enjoy it. My specialty is dish rags and doing the dishes isn't near as bad with one of my dish rags! The sweater is beautiful and I think a hat is a must!