Monday, May 10, 2010

The Other 364...

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day full of those special moments that make you say, "aaah, these children are so wonderful. This is what it's all about." I know many people did. I saw their happy facebook posts about their perfect day.

My day...well, I got cards and thoughtful, loving gifts. I got hugs and lots' of "I love you, Mom"s. BUT the truth is, if you have to say something to the effect of, "I don't care how much he was kicking, elbowing or annoying you, it is never, ever okay to punch your younger brother [in church]" your day probably isn't going the way you'd like it to. Do you get my meaning? So I cried a lot yesterday. (Who am I kidding, I cry a lot anyway. ;) )

Today is a new day. I won't get cards or gifts. There will be no repeat of yesterday (and not just because we won't be in church.) Today I am changed. My heart feels bruised.

Like last Monday, I'm starting the day thanking God for this new day, expecting that He will "show up." I know I have lots of little things to get done. None of my chores is as important as caring for my children.

As I told the boys yesterday at lunch, it's not the cards and the "I love you"s on one Sunday of the's how they behave toward me and each other (and others too) every single day of the year that matters to me. Lip service one day of the year isn't what I'm looking for. I'm hoping and praying that I'm raising boys that love God and each other...that are there for each other, that care for each other, that will honor and respect each other and the others they come in contact with.

Honestly, that's what being a mom is about for's not about them loving me...I didn't have kids so they could love me. My prayer is that they will be, and continue to grow into, people who share God's love with others.

I hope that everyone had a marvelous yesterday and that today and tomorrow are just as filled with love.



  1. Being a good parent is so hard isn't it? My goal as a parent is to raise a child who will walk with God every day of her life and will be a shining light to others. That can be so very difficult. And you are so right, it's the every day behavior that counts! God Bless!