Friday, May 28, 2010

The Summer Plan

It's a holiday weekend..almost.

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who died in military service to our country. Thank you for that ultimate sacrifice.

To me, this weekend always symbolizes the beginning of summer. I know summer doesn't officially begin in 2010 until June 21st, but the season feels like it begins with this long weekend.

My kids don't finish with school until June 22nd so we still have time to plan what the summer will look like. The Husband and I have been talking about how to make the summer pleasant for everyone.

I am ashamed to say that my kids don't really have set chores and I haven't always been the greatest about enforcing rules on screen time etc. We want to build a schedule that feels good to everyone but doesn't leave me feeling like a short-order cook, maid, chauffeur and one very overworked, underpaid, ticked off woman. :)

I think we will start building a chore chart this weekend. I also want to institute a set reading time. I am not big on tight schedules but I realize that certain things make the house run more smoothly and at some point I will get through these very bright but stubborn children's heads that if they pitch in, Mom will have more time to play games and will be a whole lot less cranky.

You know what I dread? The whining and arguing that is sure to come with the new order. This morning I told them I would not be cooking lunch for two hours every day during the summer because everyone decided on a different meal of their choice at a different time. Immediately the chief negotiator, *N* started in with, "Well what about if I make it myself?" "What if I just have cereal everyday?" My response, "What if I make a menu and that is what you have?"

It's going to be a tough breaking in period but I know we'll all be better off. I just hope I have the patience and the creativity to make it work without it turning into an enormous battle of wills.

I believe that part of the success will hinge on having set consequences. Maybe I'm over thinking it. I just know if I feel I've given them the expectations and consequences it will be easier to enforce things. I'll let you know if that pans out. :)

This summer has the potential to be really enjoyable...and this weekend will be one step on that path.

I pray that this will be a season of new growth in our family as well as in the garden (Which we hope to get planted this weekend :O). I pray that we can nurture one another and find joy in simple things. I pray that we will find contentment in each day. I pray these same prayers for you.


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