Monday, January 2, 2012

Tub Scrubbin' Monday

That's right, Monday is officially bathroom cleaning day in our house.

Aren't you so excited to know that?  I could have taken a picture of myself wielding the toilet brush but I didn't have a camera or my ipod handy. (Sounds unsanitary.)  I know it's sad for you, but buck up and just imagine it.

Last night I sat down with some paper and made a list of  all the little things I want and need to accomplish in a day, a week and a month and then I applied them to my handy dandy handmade chart.

Just making the chart made me a little bit twitchy, not the drawing it up with my trusty ruler and mechanical pencil.  No, it was the actual act of assigning chores and actions to times that made me pause and umm wonder if I really want to do this.

The truth is I'm not so sure I want to have a list of tasks for each day, but instead of lamenting what I don't get done, I decided to take a little responsibility and see what I can get accomplished each day.  I penciled in chores and exercise, making menus and cooking meals.  I wrote in hitting the instrument of torture treadmill and I wrote in homework and have not planned anything for my MOPS mornings.

Most importantly, I planned time with the littles who are not in school, time I will be sure to do crafts and activities with them.  That sounds bad doesn't it, that I have to make a note to do that?  It's not that I don't usually, but that part of living my life more intentionally is recognizing the things I value and making sure I do them.  Too frequently I go to bed and realize the missed opportunities, the games not played, the crafts undone, the laughter not shared and all because I am distracted and wasting time.

Tub Scrubbing Monday is symbolic of the new goals and the new plan and the desire to live intentionally and well. It is the desire to do the small things I do for my family faithfully and to the best of my ability.

 Luke 16:10 states,  "If you are faithful in small things you will be faithful in large things." My goal is to be faithful in the little things because they all add up to the big things, which is the life I have been given.

Can I tell you how good it feels to site here typing, in my apron, barefoot at my kitchen counter while chocolate chip cookies cool, knowing my bathrooms are sparkly clean?  It feels awesome.  Maybe all I need to get out of my funk is to do the little things.



  1. Stuff like that ALWAYS makes me feel better! The mental anguish I put myself through when I don't do the things I know I need to is far worse than actually DOING them! ;0) ps, I'm an apron wearer them and just made me a new one last week!

  2. Every time I walk into the bathrooms I do a sigh of contentment. I have never made an apron, I think I might need to, Goodwife. :) (Pattern suggestions welcome.) ps...I am so glad to see you back in blogland, I missed you!