Thursday, February 3, 2011

For Good

After two sort of angst-ridden posts I thought I should write something funny or at least something that doesn't sound like I'm cracking under pressure.

Good luck with that. ;)

I will not, however, write about "the car." Makes it sound like some possessed demon car. Hmmm....I hadn't thought of that possibility. We had a cat who only liked the Husband, could "the car" be like the cat? No, I am not entertaining that as remotely possible.

So about cracking...I have moments where I totally doubt my ability to juggle the kids, the school, the Husband, the volunteer stuff.

You've heard of The Peter Principle right? defines the Peter Principle this way :
n.The theory that employees within an organization will advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted to and remain at a level at which they are incompetent.

On Sunday morning (Pre possessed car episode) I was getting a little stressed about the exam I was about to take because I felt I wasn't retaining anything and I had a little cloudburst. "What if," I sobbed into the Husbands chest, "I have Peter Principled myself?!"

He reassured me and then the exam was made a take-home (which would have saved me sooo much stress had it been announced the day before. :O ) and I really did know what I was talking about. At least I think I did/do. The grade I get on the exam will tell, but honestly....I get it.

But the reality of the matter is, I do keep adding things to my life; children, volunteer work, school. I do worry about reaching a point where I just fail. Failure is not an option but there is that nagging self-doubt.

What do you do with the self-doubt? Do you just not even try? Do you say you're content and find excuses not to take the leap, even if that's a defense mechanism? I think it's easy and safe to do that. I think there are many reasons to stay right where we are at any given time and that is O.K.. Really.

But, sometimes you've just got to move forward and do something and take a chance and make a change. Sometimes, it's going to feel like way too much. Sometime you're going to think a car is out to get you. Oh, that's just me. ;) Sometimes you're going to have to juggle and you might even struggle but God uses everything for good.

Don't forget that. I know I won't.


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