Monday, February 7, 2011

My Carrots

Sometimes I need an incentive to get things done.

I have plenty of time and I've done the research in, but I have two projects due in the next couple of weeks and well, I have hit a wall, so to speak. I know what to do. I have the information. I have the ability and I really do have plenty of time (right now) to get it all done in fine fashion.

So why do I need incentives? Because without incentives, I fritter my time away on crackbook facebook, or flipping channels or any number of useless things instead of doing the neat stuff I really do want to do.

So today, the Husband and the two littlest and I hit the library. I absolutely LOVE
books and reading but buying books is just not part of my budget right now. Fortunately the library one town over gets all the good stuff I adore fairly quickly. The caveat is that some are 7 day loan books, so there is some urgency.

THIS is how a cozy mystery becomes a carrot. I know I want to read these books very much. (Well, there's one there that doesn't belong and it isn't going to act as a carrot unless I make an arbitrary rule that I have to read that one first but since this is supposed to be a reward, I'm not going to do that to myself, because I make my own rules in this reward scheme. ;) )

I must do a certain amount of schoolwork before I can lose myself in solving a murder mystery. There you have it. A very basic plan to motivate myself so that I'm not playing "Last Minute Stacey". I can do my best work in a timely manner, not over think or procrastinate and have some little rewards to look forward to in the process.

God doesn't dangle carrots in front of us to coerce us into doing what we should. No.! God gives us the promise of eternal life we don't even deserve because we've done nothing but love Him. I seek to do what I can to serve God because I am freed by his Love and sacrifice to do so. I guess sometimes I need incentives to do the other daily things, like homework.



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  2. I'm a big fan of the library too. I just couldn't afford to buy all those books (or store them!!) Have you read the Laura Childs mysteries about scrapbooking? I'm currently revisiting an older Diane Mott Davidson mystery.

  3. I have read the Laura Childs mysteries. I like some mor ethan others. <3 Diane Mott Davidson...she makes me want to cook and eat. :)