Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Not Mine

Some people have really cool, in my opinion, gifts. I look at Bakerella's blog and I ooh and aaahh and wish I could be so creative.

I look at all sorts of blogs and see some really creative, resourceful and funny people sharing their lives. And I think...of all the things I'm not.

I get inspired and learn a lot, but I recognize that I am not equipped to do some, or inclined to do others. It's not a value judgement. It just is.

I am O.K. with it...mostly. There are times when I wish I was more of some things (artistic, chic, patient....) and when I wish I was less of others (pessimistic, insecure, goofy....). But, I am who I am.

That doesn't mean I can't try new things and learn a few. I wrote here about my foray into watercolors. I've even tried my hand at decorating the kiddos' birthday cakes.

They are things I've tried but am not necessarily gifted at. If I practice, who knows what would happen? I might not cry when I'm trying to decorate a birthday cake eventually. (After the last time, the Husband gently asked if my desire to make *I* this "perfect" cake was worth the distress it was causing me. In my imagination, I can see what I want to do so clearly, why will my hands not cooperate?!)

I can appreciate another person's gifts and passions, sometimes even envy their results. That doesn't mean I can or should expect to have equally spectacular results. I just have different (still somewhat mysterious ;)) gifts.

I can stretch my limits a little bit and try new and different things. I can embrace the project and want to try really, really hard, but I still may not be able to do it. Instead of feeling low because I am not Bakerella, I am going to be happy just being me; the sometimes pessimistic,extra emotional, always blessed Child of God.


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  1. I grew up with a very artistic mother and sister and tried my hand at all kinds of arts, crafts, creative endeavors, etc. I finally realized, only recently, not only was I just not talented in these areas, that truly, I didn't especially enjoy spending my time that way. I'm 46 and still trying to "find my niche". It sure is fun getting rid of the "I should be" layers and playing and trying on what the "I am" looks like!