Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Girls and Their Dolls

Miss M received two dolls for Christmas; one from us and one from her Godparents. Both of them are in her play pen and she likes to "talk" to them and snuggle them and give them very wet "kisses".

She has other toys in her playpen too. Plastic keys and teething beads and some sensory blocks, but she does love to hold and gum those dolls.

I had lots of "babies" when I was little. Perhaps it should have been a sign that I would someday have lots of real babies. I've got to tell you though, feeding Baby Alive is much easier than feeding a real baby. I never had to pry her fist out of her mouth so that I could put the spoon in. Miss M loves to eat, but she also likes to suck her hand between bites. And the diapers...Baby Alive just doesn't compare.

In our backyard, my dad and brother built me a playhouse that matched our house and I used to wash my babies' clothes and hang them on a little clothesline, when I wasn't pretending to be a Charlie's Angel flying off to somewhere exotic on my swing set jet. (I guess I was juggling roles back then too. ;) )

It's really neat to see my daughter snuggle a doll. It's not sexist. My boys had dolls too and it was nice to see each of them pretend to be a daddy. They were so loving and gentle..when they weren't dragging the doll around by one leg. There's nothing quite like watching a 3 yo boy try to "nurse" a doll. LOL

I wonder whether Miss M will like to build with Lego like her brothers do. Will she like math and science like they do? I don't intend to raise her differently, other than the dresses and tights and the tea parties. I wonder if she'll want to play tea party? Will she be a girly girl like her mom was? Will she like to play baseball like *N* or will she sing like *J*? She is developing her own personality but so much of who she will be is still a mystery from us.

But God knows. God has a plan for her that He planned even before she was born. I pray each day that we will be the parents that God called us to be, to each of our children so that they will grow up developing their unique gifts and talents, for math or science or music or baseball or whatever else they love to do.

The great thing about being a mom is watching these little people grow into what they were created to be. I imagine God likes watching each of us grow into whatever he created us to be too. Like one little girl with her dolls all those years ago...


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