Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Was It..

I take this little space on the Web personally.

It's sort of like my journal. I try to be respectful and insightful and I put some of myself on the screen every time I sit down to write. What is on my heart is what comes up on the screen. That's the way I roll in blogland.

I enjoy the comments (Here and on facebook) and I like to see when I have a new follower. It's validation, those words of affirmation that I so crave.

The past two posts I've written were about acceptance. And the number of followers dropped by two.

Was it something I said? Really? I know I'm not the funniest. I'm not trying to be. I'm being myself. Sometimes I am funny. (Just ask me, I'll tell you.) Sometimes I'm serious. Sometimes, like today, I'm a Mama with something on my mind.

I guess I can't please all of the people all of the time. I guess accepting people just because they are people is pretty radical. I know it's something I have to work at every single day...because sometimes I roll my eyes so hard it hurts. When I am snarky, I feel so guilty afterward that I resolve to work harder at controlling my tongue and my thoughts.

I don't know what that makes me. I'm just trying to do my best to be a little better every day..a better wife, a better mom, a better friend, a better student, and last but certainly not least...a better than I was yesterday child of God.



  1. If you're writing for yourself, don't worry about it. I figure with my blog, some entries resonate with people, some don't.

    The blog before my last entry was about napping; I thought it was funny. I didn't get a single comment about it-- here or in Facebook! Sometimes what strikes me humorous might strike others silly.

    What I like about the blogging thing is practicing my writing skills, playing with styles of writing, playing with words, finding a "voice" without the pressure of publication or editing. I say, keep writing your heart! J

  2. I've lost followers, it happens, and I've quit following blogs, that happens as well. Who cares if people don't like what you write? Your post was very true, but it isn't something people like to hear, and in my experience it isn't something a lot of "christians" want to hear.

    As the above commenter stated, blog for yourself and sometimes you'll be the windshield and sometimes you'll be the bug, but everytime you'll be true to you and God and that's what matters! ;0)