Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Light?

Toast, lightly toasted. That's what *C* requested for breakfast. I would have taken a picture but the camera is driving through the Catskills with the Husband and the eldest boy. (They went College hunting but will be home this evening after hitting Troy and Boston)

So this lightly toasted toast is currently sitting on the counter. It is barely yellowed, it's so light. It is, however, "too crunchy". The 11 yo toast snob won't eat it.

There goes my tip!

As a rule I do not fight with my kids about food. I don't cook things I don't like and I do understand that they might have particular likes and dislikes. But he likes toast...usually. So today I put my foot down. I stood over the toaster watching to be sure this toast was just a smidge toasted. (That's dedication that deserves a 20% tip, don't you think?! Okay, I'll settle for a "Thanks Mom.")

He is going to eat this toast before he gets anything else to eat today. It's waiting for him on the counter. I better go cover it to protect it from dust and any flying objects. I have a feeling it might be there for a while.

Lord, I am not asking for opportunities to learn patience, I have plenty of opportunities, thank You very much. I could use some patience right now, though. I pray that the beasties never go hungry because they lack food, and that they realize they are abundantly blessed, even if it is with "too crunchy" toast.


Edited to add... after the toast sat on the counter for a few hours, he ate some. I realized that I was too interested in "winning". Instead of teaching a lesson about eating what is served we were in a war of wills. Not the intended goal. So, we agreed that from now on he will be making his own breakfast. Maybe that makes me a pushover. I don't know. I do know I will not be standing over a toaster to be sure the toast is "lightly toasted" anymore.

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  1. Not a pushover... you brilliantly shifted it from a war of wills (which has its occasional good point!) to a "if you don't like how I make your toast, please make your own". I call this in your favor because you are teaching him to take care of his own food preferences - a win win in my ever so humble opinion :)