Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Folding the laundry.: Mundane, repetitive task or time of realization. Talk amongst yourselves.

Laundry folding can get old really fast. I used to love it because getting all of the laundry washed and folded gave me a sense of accomplishment. Now I know that the hamper will be empty for the blink of an eye so I just remember to be thankful for a working washer and dryer and leave it at that.

Folding laundry can also be a time when I realize that someone in our house has holey socks. It can also stimulate a search and rescue mission. This weekend I discovered that one of the children's undies weren't making it to the hamper, or washer or dryer and therefore his folded pile was non-existent.....because they were getting tossed on the bedroom floor and then as the door opened on his way out they got shoved behind it. (Usually I pick up wayward clothing items but since the door was pushing them out of view....)

The big realization, though, came as I was folding a flannel blanket covered with pink tulips. One year ago, I knew we were adding to our little family. I knew I'd be folding itty bitty baby clothes by now, God willing. Never in a million years did I expect to be folding things that were pink and ruffled and floral. One year ago today, I did not dream of a daughter. I dreamt of a healthy baby that would most likely be a boy. I was perfectly prepared for that.

She's still little and sweet and she certainly wears different clothes, but can I tell you a secret. It's really not different to me, the loving party. My heart feels no differently. I know the parenting issues will be different as she gets older. (But I'm getting older, too.)

We already joke about her dating. But, to be honest, while boys cannot be pregnant, they can still experience consequences of experimentation at a young age, so we're vigilant and honest about our expectations and hopes and dreams for our sons. Perhaps because there are 5 boy-children in the house, we don't say, "boys will be boys". We see that boys are all different and what is one brother's harmless roughhousing hurts another brother's heart. Kids will be kids gets said a lot. and "Don't you hate it when they act their age?"

Yes, I can buy tutu skirts for Miss M. I am very fussy about her clothes, but I was very finicky about what my boys wore as babies too. (The angst that went with picking *I*'s coming home outfit...took weeks to find just the right thing, and he was #5!)

So one year ago, I only knew blankets of baby blue. I dreamt of baby we would name Nathan. I was full of love for this new little life.

Here I am, blessed with a lovely daughter who is completely adored by her 5 older brothers, wearing dresses and tights and sometimes snazzy red maryjanes.

I guess God knew I needed to learn something new about this mommy thing. Important things like how to be a strong and compassionate woman of God...and when she gets hair, I'm going to have to learn how to do all those nifty braids. ;)



  1. I'm still learning to be the mom of a girl. She's almost 12 now. I haven't mastered the braid thing, but I can sure do the perfect ponytail and puppy ears!
    One thing I did realize, as I am sure you have with your children. Not only are the children different in sex..but they are different people all together. Even though you may have had "all those kids". You have had a different experience each and every time. I think it's how our heart expands for each of our children. We aren't learning to love the same person over and over. We're falling in love with a new person each time.
    Perhaps, that is how God loves all of us as well. :-)

  2. We had our son first, then 5 years later, our daughter. What I remember is that after 5 years of dinosaur, cowboy and firemen birthdays, I wanted a real "girl" party. When she turned 3 we invited her little friend over and had a princess party. She had no say in the matter. ;)

  3. Love this post. :)
    I hope to totally relate to this post eventually. :)
    I have my five guys too and we're hoping for another someday soon. I, like you, am already prepeared for a sixth son. I can't imagine pink! I'd love to be folding pink baby blankets and clothes though...;)