Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty Neat...Feet

Today I got my first professional pedicure in ooooh about 14 years. Usually I trim the nails, throw some polish on and call it good. If you're looking that closely at my feet, you might want to talk to a licensed professional about your problem. ;)

Anyway, it was incredibly relaxing and my tootsies look amazing, all soft and lotioned and my nails are a shade of fuschia called "You're a Pisa Work". It was fun to go with a friend and chat and all that jazz.

It was a little intimidating too. I mean, I was asking a stranger to do something about my cave woman feet. Granted she got paid for the ahem privilege but still...you get the picture.

After being pampered like that, I felt renewed. While it felt a little vain feeling so good about my toes (my friend expressed the same feeling), it really did lift my spirits and wearing flip flops in 35 degree weather so as not to smudge the polish was worth it. (Blue feet and fuschia toenails look cute, really. ;) )

As I was loading the dishwasher, I realized how much more content I was in my daily life of dishes and laundry and refereeing after that bit of pampering. I was more content in the mundane because of what? Because I had smooth feet and snazzy toenails? Ummm......

I thought about Jesus washing the disciples' feet. Now that's an act of service! I felt so good having my feet scrubbed and rubbed today and I wear shoes and socks and don't walk nearly as much as the disciples did and let's face it, my footwear is a little better orthopedically, don't you think?

When's the last time I offered to wash the feet of someone I did not birth? If you guessed "never" you'd be correct. Sometimes I get moody about loading the dishwasher and whenever the Husband does bath time for the kiddos (almost always) I am thankful.

I am not always gracious about my little acts of service.

And I'm following Jesus' example? Umm...

I think I need to work on that.

Lord, thank you for opportunities to be nurtured and pampered. May I find ways to follow Jesus' example of service in daily life, not because it's convenient or because I have to but because my heart compels me to do so.



  1. I went to a church once that held an annual foot washing ceremony-- women with women, men with men. I didn't mind the washing so much but being the washee was humbling. I have feet that show the beating I give them.

    Less spritually speaking: Love your pretty toes!

  2. Your toes are super cute! I'm planning on getting a pedicure IF I can finish a 5K on 4/10!

    Your post today reminded me of a time in college when our dear sweet Wendy went to Mass with a cute fraternity boy she was dating. She came home slightly horrified that Catholics washed peoples' feet during services. I had forgotten it was Holy Thursday so I didn't get a chance to warn her that it would be longer and different than regular Mass!!

  3. I love love your insight. My grubby feet are dry and dirty and my baby toes look like the cone heads. The first time I had my toes done I was in heaven. It didn't matter what my feet looked like. I read somewhere there are more nerve endings in your feet than anywhere else. Well, hmm? I don't know if that's true but it sure cures my fried nerves after dishes, cooking, laundry, home school and mediator of whatever crisis my boys may have. It helps me feel girlie in a house full of men.