Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hot Under the Collar

Not me.

The sweet 3yo. He's very literal though. And I'm not sure he's ever heard the expression "hot under the collar."

Twice he's gotten very angry, tantrum throwing ticked off. Twice he has done the same thing. Thankfully, we were at home both times. He gets mad and he cools off by getting more natural. When you ask him why, as he's tossing the Justice League underwear at you, he yells, "I'm really angry!" It's sort of humorous. Sort of.

Tonight I turned to the Husband and said, "He's got to learn some new coping skills." The Husband responded, "Ya' think?" Our hope is that he gets over this need to be in his Birthday suit AKA the tantrum suit before he goes to school. Imagine those calls from the Principal if Johnny won't give him a turn on the swing or he gets a grade he's unhappy with?!

For now, I just hope he doesn't scandalize the MOPS ladies tomorrow if they tell him it's time to put away the Play Doh. Do you think I should warn them about his tantrum suit?

His older brothers have only one thing to say whenever the tantrum suit streaker strikes...."Don't Look M!!!"

This is what my life has turned into, Ray Stevens singing the family soundtrack? I can hear it now, "Oh yes, they call him the streak."Don't look Ethel" but it was too late...."

Lord, I am so thankful for the patience I am growing and the sense of humor that is essential to my sanity. May *I* learn that even when he's steaming mad and hot under the collar, he can leave his shirt (and everything else) on.



  1. ooooh! I like your pretty new blog!!
    Sounds like *I* should be the Hulk for Halloween. At least he doesn't turn green! hee hee

  2. Thanks! LOL Christi! That could be funny! Yesterday he informed us that he would be Robin, *E* would be Batman and Miss M could be you see a theme? We've been dvring Batman on the Hub. (And Happy Days too, so he does a great "aaay' thumbs up like the Fonz. ;) )

  3. LOL! My daughter was an apsiring nudist until she was at least 8 years old. She didn't have to be mad to start shedding her clothes. As soon as she would get home from school, there were literally clothes flying the minute we got in the door. When he turned 8 we put our foots down and said she had to at LEAST wear a shirt, so that was all she wore. Now that she's 12, she has curbed this impulse and even gone the other way.

  4. That should say when SHE turned 8..........