Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who Would Have Thought

Steven Tyler is a theologian.

No, seriously. I was listening to classic rock in the car and I was singing along to Aerosmith's Dream On and do you know what it says in the second verse? "...I know it's everybody's sin. You got to lose to know how to win."

Now I'm not suggesting he write a "Gospel According to..." book. I'm just saying the man wrote some truth in those lines.

There's a lot of corporate sin. A lot of sin we all are complicit to or compound, most of it unknowingly (I hope). When we don't speak up or act or don't feel we can do anything for positive change, are we sinning? Possibly.

Anything that separates us from God is sin. What separates us from doing as Jesus did is usually fear. Fear that we will be mocked. Fear that we don't have enough money. Fear that we won't help in the "right" way. Fear that we will lose something we value (value more than God?!)

Our theologian of the day sets us straight. "You got to lose to know how to win." (We're not doing a grammar lesson today.;) ) In Matthew 10:39 Jesus says, "whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." NIV You've got to lose to win.

I've got to be willing to take some risks. Maybe I'll part with money. Maybe I will be mocked for my faith. Maybe I will give more than I get in return. Maybe I won't help in the "right" way (in someone else's opinion). But, maybe in my willingness to part with whatever binds me to worldly things I will be freer to be who God created me to be. Not because I have to be, but because through the gift of salvation, I don't have to be afraid. I can step out and act when I see someone hurting or suffering or in need and try to be those hands and feet I write about so often.

Lord, I pray for the wisdom and strength to acknowledge and respond when faced with sin. I pray that I am not afraid to "lose" in the world in order to better serve You.