Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garbage In

AKA operator error.

Today I was working on a project with a classmate. I was typing things up on my laptop as we went along when all of a sudden...strange things started happening that I couldn't fix.

The computer was possessed. Or I inadvertently hit buttons that caused a black line to follow the margin and everything I typed was in red and underlined, even though the underline button wasn't highlighted and the text was set to black.

I felt like a dolt. I was able to open in a new window with a saved portion of the project and move on but I would love to know what I did.

The Husband had a theory, "Garbage in." I described the issue to the tech guy aka the 16 yo. "Let me look at it." I opened the document that had been wonky (the technical term ;) ) and everything was back to normal. His assessment, "It never happens when the tech guy is around."

Meanwhile, I feel like a goober and wonder if my partner things I'm a doof. (I also couldn't get my i-touch to stay on-line so I could show off pictures of my kids. So in addition to be tech un-savvy, I am also unfocused. :D)

Sometimes, I would just like to feel (and look) like I have my act together. That time was not today. No, definitely not today.

I will recover. I probably needed a dose of reality, no matter how much I did not love it.

Today, I learned that I need a tech guy on call and that sometimes I might not look or act "together" but that I can still get the job done.

Appearances aren't everything...Thank goodness!



  1. Happens to me all the time.. said in the best Flo and her tricked out name badge voice. :-)

  2. That's funny-- I call these little incidences "Humility Injections" and consider them the medicine that keeps me humble and ensures I maintain a sense of humor about myself! Love that you shared it with us.

  3. I think I know what you did! You accidentally turned on the Track Changes feature in Word.

    You probably hit CTL+SHIFT+E. To turn it off go to REVIEW/Track Changes. Sounds like you had the Final: Show Markup option changes.

    But I totally hear you on the "it never does it when the tech guy is around". Whenever my computer does something wonky and I tell my husband the IT Guy, it never does it for him!