Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning to Look..

A lot like Christmas.

We got a bit of snow yesterday through this morning. I am very thankful to not be among those trapped on the roads, stuck on the highway for hours. Wishing them a safe and speedy return home.

My little (bwahahaha) family is safe and sound at home. We have food and diapers (phew) and power.

And I LOVE THIS! I love snow. There, I said it. Don't feel sorry for me. It is marvelous to look out my window and see the drifts and the bare tree branches swathed in white. The air is so crisp and pure.

I grew up in the Adirondack mountains and in the winter, in my mind, it is supposed to snow... A LOT. People always say where we live now gets tons of snow, but since we moved in 2007 our town has always missed the snow band, leaving me feeling cheated.

Not today. :)

To me this snow ushers in the season and brings me back to my childhood when the snowbanks were like mountains to me. Aaaah.

Wishing you a safe and blessed day. If you love the snow and you don't have it or if you have a bunch and don't love it so much, I hope that you can find some joy in your present circumstance.



  1. I love snow until Christmas is over.........then I'm ok with it, but in my area of Illinois we mostly just get rain and or ice. We got flurries this year on Thanksgiving and woke up to a dusting today so I've got my fingers crossed for a white Christmas. Glad you are all safe and snug!

  2. I love, love, love, snow! Beautiful, sweet and fluffy snow. I grew up in Ms. and never even saw it until I was 19. I miss it so much. You're right, what's the point of cold weather without it. It's mostly just a little cold here in north Florida with no hope of even flurries. Last winter they actually had a dusting in Orlando (south of us) and nothing here. Maybe this year?!