Friday, December 3, 2010

Thumbs Up

It was a thumbs up kind of day which doesn't explain my crabbiness at all, but upon reflection it was definitely a day of good moments....

The first thing *C* said to me when I came downstairs this morning was, "I love you, mom."

The husband dug out the cars again, helped a neighbor get out of her driveway because she couldn't see over the snowbanks. Then...he stayed outside to play in the snow with the boys. And he took them out again later in the afternoon even though he is "hurting" from all the shoveling.

*N* went out to help the Husband shovel.

*E* picked up his Legos without being asked.

*J* was hanging Christmas lights in his room and *I* was absolutely enthralled and wanted lights "Just like *J's*." *J* took the second set of lights that he was going to hang in his room and surprised *I* by hanging them up in his instead.

Today after dinner *I* ran to get the books we use for the Advent Wreath readings. He's three and after 5 days he knew the plan. :) LOVE that.

It was a day of little things for which to be thankful on this 3rd day of December.

Wishing you much


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