Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Filling the Tank

What fills your tank, feeds your soul, gives you comfort and peace through the days?

I'm not talking about your Love Language although I could. I've read the book and I can tell you that mine is words of affirmation (so when people leave comments it totally makes my day. :) ).

What I'm talking about is getting recharged. According to the personality tests, I'm an introvert. I recharge in solitude and get exhausted by the social stuff. Overall, that is true. Walking into a room of strangers, or even acquaintances can fill me with dread, fear and all sorts on insecurity complexes.

However, if I can get past it and find a groove and a comfortable conversation, it feels wonderful and I feel wonderful.

Last night I went to a cookie exchange where I knew many of the women in attendance. They're all great ladies and it's a blessing to know them. Let me just tell you that I almost didn't get there. I very nearly turned around twice on the way. Once when I missed the turn (I keep saying I need a GPS, preferably one that says, "Hey lady, turn left here!") The other was when I turned into the wrong (long) driveway and had to do a 97 point turn to get out.

To be fair, I was feeling slightly overwhelmed by life all day and when that happens tears are often close to the surface. (They almost bubbled over a few times. :O )

When I finally got to the right house, I saw smiling faces, heard lots of laughter and happy chatter. It was good and nice. While it took me a little bit to relax from my inner stresses, it was wonderful to see friends; women who build up those they come in contact with. What a blessing to have these women in my life.

I left that evening after laughing and talking and eating and felt happy and relaxed and ever so grateful that I was able to go.

Maybe I'm being greedy, but I wish I could have those kinds of evenings (mornings, afternoons, whatever, I'm not picky) more often.

So last night I filled my sanity tank. ;) I felt prepared to de-clutter, tame the laundry beast and finish all the holiday preparations. (Of course I woke up this morning and realized the Cleaning Fairy had missed my home again and all my resolve turned to, how will I ever get this done?)

Praying that you find ways to fill your tank today and everyday. It might not always be an evening of cookies and conversation, but any little thing that will refill your "running on empty" tank.



  1. And how is resolve holding up? For me, filling my tank comes in many different forms depending on which part actually needs filling (does that make sense?!). My "me" part refuels during an evening away from the house and family with friends. My "mommy" part refuels during a great, relaxing day with my family with no significant bickering. My "cleaning fairy" part refuels when my husband cleans something unexpectedly. My "spirit" refuels after time to reflect and talk quietly with God. What can I say... it takes a village :) Merry Christmas Stacey!!

  2. Well Girfriend, I'm sitting on the computer so how do you think the resolve is working for me? ;) I guess I don't compartmentalize so any sort of positive connective (God, family, friends) can fill 'er up. Merry Christmas! <3

  3. Glad you got to refuel. I'm a solitary person as well and crowds do bad things to me. I'm also an emotional and passionate person and can be moved to tears often.

    I pray that God blesses you and yours this Christmas and the entire year thru!