Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rice Cereal Made Me Cry

OK, cry might be an exaggeration. Teary may be a better description.

And I didn't even have to eat any. (Blech! That stuff smells like offense to rice cereal lovers. I won't even tell you what I think of green tea. LOL ;) )

No, the girly is 16 weeks old tomorrow and she's getting to that time when we start thinking about starting her on solids. I was standing the the Tarjay aisle looking at baby spoons and bowls and the dreaded rice cereal talking on my cell phone to the Husband. (Don't you hate it when people do that? I think almost everyone in the Tarjay had a phone to their ear.)

Me: "She's getting to that age, do you think I should buy her some spoons and bowls for her stocking?"
Him: "Sure, why not. She's ready for cereal."
Me: "I want to wait until she sees the ped next week."
Him: "Why? We're going to have to start sometime."
Me: eyes getting moist "But I'm not ready for that yet."

I bought the stuff, but I'm not saying we're starting yet. I mean I know all the readiness signs and she could start but it's not like she needs it...yet.

I wonder why these milestones impact me the way they do and why different things hit me differently with each child. I get teary when the oldest performs in concerts. I get teary when #2 gets an academic award, when #3 has a great baseball game, #4 performs in a Christmas pageant, #5 brings me a catalogue and says, "What do you want for Christmas, Mom?". And yes, I get teary when #6 outgrows a dress.

I know that my goal is to move them on to the next step in life. I will always be their mom and they will always be my babies, but they will eventually not need me in the same ways. I'm OK with that but it doesn't mean that watching them grow up isn't sometimes painful.

One of the interesting things about having 6 kids of varying ages is that I know "This too shall pass, " whatever it is. (I admit that I am less secure in this fact regarding the oldest child because this is still new...he's like the test-case child. ;) )

So soon enough the girly will be enjoying (??) rice cereal and I will be more comfortable riding in the passenger seat while the 16 yo is behind the wheel (maybe?!). I might get teary about the milestones, but not because I don't want them to come. I get teary because I am thankful for each stage and phase and opportunity. Each day and experience is a gift. I might not enjoy all the gifts equally, but I do need to remember to look at them as gifts and take nothing for granted.

Thank you, Lord, for these moments when I recognize the little (and big) milestones even though sometimes I am the one feeling the growing pains.


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