Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rolling Cookies, Holding Tongue

Do you ever just get annoyed with someone? They say or do something that ticks you off but you know you can't call them on it so instead you find someone else to vent to?

That happened to me today and I tried to call two different friends to voice my frustration. To say, "Would it be so hard ...?!" "Do you think they could...?!" Then they would agree with me and I would get to feel all self-righteous and have a little banner that said, "I've been wronged" to go along with my crown. (I am the queen of the castle, don't you know. ;) )

There was no answer at either number so I left "Just called to chat" messages and decided to get to work on my list.

I started rolling the devil's food cookies. That dough is sticky, even after chilling overnight. I scooped out little clumps of dough, rolled them into balls then into granulated sugar before placing them on the cookie sheet. The dough needed to go back in the freezer between baking because it becomes impossible to work with unless it's very cold.

I had time to think. At first I was ranting in my head about what ticked me off. As I worked with that sticky cookie dough my self-righteousness began to melt away, replaced by a few realizations. I know that venting never makes me feel better but it does feel good to have a friend tell me I should be angry. I also realized that like I need to take time between batches of cookies (when I'd much rather be working like a well-oiled assembly line machine) I need to take time before responding. The knee-jerk reaction from hurt would be more likely to make everything sticky, but a cool-headed response, taking my time and holding my tongue (with not only the person who upset me, but with others too) would be a much more appropriate (and Christian) response.

I may not have gotten validation for my anger, but that's not what I needed anyway. Instead I have a sense of peace because I remembered not to gripe. I guess the Husband's "Accept others where they are" attitude is rubbing off.

It's sweet to know that while my heart wasn't in the right place at first, some time allowed me to cool down before I got into something sticky.

Wishing you time to reflect before you react in this Advent season and always.


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