Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't Mention.. and Memories

When I was growing up I watched the show "Fawlty Towers" with my parents. (What were they thinking?!) There was an episode about not mentioning the war in which John Cleese was funny in a way only he can be. That scene became something of a family joke, particularly between my dad and I.

When I graduated from high school many years ago (gah!) we processed into the auditorium/gym and I happened to walk right by my dad as I walked in. My dad, a very quiet "don't call attention to yourself" man, leaned into the aisle and whispered, "Don't mention the war." Any nerves I felt that evening melted away.

Today I sat in a much larger and more ornate auditorium to watch my son sing in a Holiday Choral festival at his high school. The Men's Choir always processes in to "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel" and the Concert Choir always processes in to "Angels We Have Heard on High" and "Personant Hodie". Before we left for the concert I asked him which aisle he'd be coming down so I'd be on the proper side to see him.

He was the first man (Man? when did that happen?!) to enter for the men's chorus but in the concert choir he was farther down the line and when they paused as they do for introductions, who was standing right beside me, but my very own young man.

I did NOT lean out and say anything at all. I knew that would bother him because he takes his membership and performance oh so seriously. But I did think about my Dad and that June evening so long ago and I thought of how proud my parents would have been to see and hear him. And I know that when *J* stepped up to the microphone and sang "You're a three-decker toadstool sandwich.." my mom would have told everyone nearby, "that's my grandson."

I am very proud of my kids. They each have their own talents, quirks and gifts. I am so very thankful that I am able to see them grow up. I know that my parents are able to see them too, but not here on this earth with me. I wish I could share these moments with them so we could bask in the glow and also when things aren't so glowing, they could tell me it will be OK.

My parents may not be here to dote on them, brag on them and possibly embarrass the daylights out of them, but I think I have made it very clear to them that Grandma B and Grandpa G would be very proud of them.

May you always share the memories of those not with you as they live on in your hearts.


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