Friday, December 10, 2010

Realizations in a Waiting Room

This morning I had the exciting task of getting blood work..and a tetanus/ pertussis booster.

Part of going back to grad school, at least in the fine state of New York, is proving you've been immunized against certain communicable things such as Measles, Mumps and Rubella. When I read the form in the mail I had an itsy, bitsy bit of panic because I don't have my immunization records and I couldn't even tell you who my Dr was when I was a teen and probably had to prove these things for college the first time around. I did call the fine institutions of higher learning and I give them credit for not laughing (in my ear, out loud, at me) when I asked if they would have the immunization records of a student who graduated in 1992.

I visited my very nice Dr (who has the most amazing hairstyle and I wonder how she has the time to look so darned nice every day...yes, she does have kids. My friend K recommended this Dr and warned me of this phenomena. ;) ) I got orders for blood work to prove my immunity and as a bonus, I got the booster shot because I have a baby at home and cannot remember when my last booster was etc. etc. (She did say my arm would be sore and this should give me a pass from dishes or laundry through the weekend...Did you read that, honey? ;)

I slathered on hand sanitizer in the waiting room before I saw my Dr after I read a magazine. I slathered it on when I left the office and then I slathered it on at least twice more in the lab waiting room. I am not usually a germophobe but something about being in places where sick people congregate, hearing the coughing and sniffling got my germophobia up. (Realization germy-radar is heightened.)

I didn't expect a long wait so I neglected to bring a book (and I already mentioned touching the reading materials was creeping me out :O ) or some knitting so I was looking around, not staring at people, just noticing what was around me.

I saw a few older couples, one accompanying the other to their tests or visits. They were comfortable together, supportive and companionable. It made my heart smile.

And I thought..that will be the Husband and I someday. I'm not eagerly anticipating ailments. I was thinking about our relationship and how, to some extent, we have that easy companionship now.

Sometimes I complain about him. Sometimes we disagree and he gets on my nerves and I don't think he's perfect. The other day I could have listed his faults in painstaking detail with subtopics to highlight the really little, particularly annoying stuff he did that ticked me off.

But...on all the big things and in all the major ways he is a very good guy. Life isn't always a hot, romantic movie. Sometimes it's the quiet (or what passes for it around here) comfortable moments of just being content with each other that highlight what is good about our relationship. (Realization #2-it's not a handful of rock star moments that make a great relationship, but how things are in all those other millions of everyday moments.)

Wishing you handfuls of rock star moments surrounded by millions of everyday moments filled with peace, contentment and love.



  1. My hubby and I talk all the time about how thankful we are that our lives are simple and boring in relation to other folks we know. We simply love, fully and heartily. We don't want drama to make things more exciting. ;)

  2. You made me giggle with the visual of you in the doctor's office dodging the germs. I really love the rockstar/everyday moments sentiment. That's something I aspire to with my DH. My mom once said that it's important to LIKE someone as much as you LOVE them. I think that's what you and the DH have, Stacey. ;)